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Asia is wide enough to be our only concern
This is the major precept of the edition Philippe Picquier.

Created in 1986, les Editions Philippe Picquier are celebrating their 20th anniversary with more than 800 titles on a catalogue that includes Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Vietnamese literature. Philippe Picquier is a generalist publisher of Asia : his editing field covers classical and modern literature, essays, detective stories, artbooks, childrenÕs books, comics and manga. Gradually, the geographic editorial field has been widened with publications from India and Pakistan.

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Feasts and banquets in China by William CHAN TAT CHUEN
Feasts and banquets in China
168 pages / 6,50 € / ISBN : 87730-349-7


In China every important moment of life like weddings, anniversary, harvests, funeral, is celebrated by a banquet. With noodles acting as the longevity symbol or bamboo symbol of youth, the Chinese always find reasons to celebrate around food.
Published 1997-09-01

Life and passion of a Chinese gourmet by LU Wenfu
LU Wenfu
Life and passion of a Chinese gourmet
192 pages / 6,50 € / ISBN : 87730-270-9

by Lu Wenfu
original title : Meishijia
192 pages
11 X 17 cms
Europe except German

This novel must be enjoyed a serviette wrapped around one’s neck. Lu Wenfu tells us forty years of Chinese life, around a table.
Published 1996-04-01

0 pages / 0 / ISBN :

Qin by SERRES Patrice
SERRES Patrice
128 pages / 23,00 € / ISBN : 87730-802-2


In 1974 the entire world discovered with astonishment, the mausoleum of Qin, first emperor of China, the one that wanted to be called “the master of the World”, exhumed with his famous army of clay soldiers.
This discovery qualified as the most sensational archaeological event since the opening of Tutenkamon thumb, brought back to the public, the life of a man whose life was filled with intrigues, tyranny, blood, and thirst of power.
Published 2006-03-23

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