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Asia is wide enough to be our only concern
This is the major precept of the edition Philippe Picquier.

Created in 1986, les Editions Philippe Picquier are celebrating their 20th anniversary with more than 800 titles on a catalogue that includes Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Vietnamese literature. Philippe Picquier is a generalist publisher of Asia : his editing field covers classical and modern literature, essays, detective stories, artbooks, childrenÕs books, comics and manga. Gradually, the geographic editorial field has been widened with publications from India and Pakistan.

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0 pages / 0 / ISBN :

Cyrille JAVARY
144 pages / 10,50 € / ISBN : 87730-532-5


China used to be a country where the first deed of a new triumphant imperial dynasty receiving Heaven’s mandate, was to erect a new imperial residence and then, abandon to slow devastation of time, the former palace of his predecessor.
Published 2001-02-23

The functioning of the Yi Jing by Cyrille JAVARY
Cyrille JAVARY
The functioning of the Yi Jing
132 pages / 10,50 € / ISBN : 87730-563-5

We westerners, do use the Yi Jing (or Yi king) oracles only to heal our anguishes, while disdaining the philosophical treasures screened by this fundamental text. Cyrille Javary, exacting Sinologue and expert in the matter of Ying-Yang thought, delivers in this book all the well-named Book of Mutation’s wisdom, which comments are believed to belong to Confucius.
Published 2001-11-26

In Praise of Blandness by François JULLIEN
François JULLIEN
In Praise of Blandness
144 pages / 13,00 € / ISBN : 87730-096-X

Jullien's groundbreaking work of philosophy, anthropology, aesthetics, and sinology is certain to stir readers to think and experience what may at first seem impossible: the richness of a bland sound, a bland meaning, a bland painting, a bland poem.
Published 1991-10-01

Chine : Culture et traditions by Jacques PIMPANEAU
Chine : Culture et traditions
400 pages / 25,00 € / ISBN : 87730-701-8

Ce livre, devenu aujourd’hui un classique en France, est une encyclopédie illustrée sur les mœurs et coutumes dans la Chine traditionnelle. Il recouvre un grand nombre de sujets sur la vie quotidienne, l’organisation sociale, la religion et la culture.
Published 2004-01-01

0 pages / 0 / ISBN :

The celadon secret by Michel Bugnon-Mordant
Michel Bugnon-Mordant
The celadon secret
272 pages / 18,50 € / ISBN : 2-87730-992-9

Born in the weathly city of Kaifeng, the Northern Song dynasty capital in the 11th century, Lin Zao-de is promised to a bright future. His father holds the secret for manufacturing an unrivalled blue-green porcelain and is backed by the powerful merchant Wang Chun, whose daughter Zao-de plans to marry.
Published 2008-01-17

The Temple of the scarlett crane by TRAN-NHUT
The Temple of the scarlett crane
376 pages / 9,50 € / ISBN : 87730-558-9

by Tran Nhut
original title : Le Temple de la grue écarlate
336 pages
11 X 17 cms
World rights sold : Italian, Spanish, Japanese, German

As he is just setting into his new position as magistrate of a Northern province of Vietnam, Mandarin Tan faces a succession of murders, as cruel as mysterious, which turn his interest towards a monastery where monks seem to be fonder of martial arts than of Buddhists scriptures.
Published 2001-09-27

The Prince’s Shadow by TRAN-NHUT
The Prince’s Shadow
384 pages / 9,00 € / ISBN : 87730-654-2

by Tran Nhut
original title : L’Ombre du Prince
360 pages
11 X 17 cms
World rights sold : Italian, Spanish, Japanese, German

Mandarin Tan, flanked by the scholar Dinh, goes to Than-Long, XVIIth century Vietnam’s capital, to buy quality books and documents that he cannot find anywhere else.
Published 2003-06-17

Master Hou’s Black Powder by TRAN-NHUT
Master Hou’s Black Powder
384 pages / 9,50 € / ISBN : 9782877308014

by Tran Nhut
original title : La Poudre noire de Maitre Hou
320 pages
11 X 17 cms
World rights sold : Italian, Spanish, Japanese, German

The eunuch Mercy and his well-named charming wife Mrs Dragonfly, Doctor Pork and the proud Mrs.
Published 2005-09-01

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