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Asia is wide enough to be our only concern
This is the major precept of the edition Philippe Picquier.

Created in 1986, les Editions Philippe Picquier are celebrating their 20th anniversary with more than 800 titles on a catalogue that includes Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Vietnamese literature. Philippe Picquier is a generalist publisher of Asia : his editing field covers classical and modern literature, essays, detective stories, artbooks, childrenÕs books, comics and manga. Gradually, the geographic editorial field has been widened with publications from India and Pakistan.

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The Moon’s Opera by BI Feiyu
BI Feiyu
The Moon’s Opera
120 pages / 11,00 € / ISBN : 87730-682-8

Xiao Yanqiu has the cold beauty of the legendary Chang’E, who swallowed the immortality pill before leaping to the moon, where she has been leaving eversince, in an ciy solitude. Twenty years after having, at the height of her blooming youth, shattered her opera actress’s career, in her heart still burns the passion for that art.
Published 2003-10-28

At the edge of the fan by Jocelyne GODARD
Jocelyne GODARD
At the edge of the fan
550 pages / 19,50 € / ISBN : 2-8097-0024-4

In the year 1000 in Japan, Yasumi leaves the province of Masushi, after the death of her mother. She plans to travel to the court of Kyoto to rehabilitate the name and position of her family.
In Kyoto, Yasumi, a rash and wild girl, has to comply with the uses of a an extremely brilliant, sophisticated, schorlarly, and very formal court.
Published 2008-04-17

Upside down by LIU Yichang
LIU Yichang
Upside down
192 pages / 18,50 € / ISBN : 87730-651-8

Original title : Duidao
13X20,5 cm - Hardback
This novel published in Hong Kong in 1970, has inspired Wong Kar Wai’s movie In the mood for love.
A young woman and an old man pass each other without ever meeting. We follow them, one after the other, and share their feelings, hope, bitterness, love, anger.
Published 2003-04-24

The Song of Eternal Regrets by WANG Anyi
The Song of Eternal Regrets
680 pages / 23,00 € / ISBN : 87730-806-5

Born in 1954 in Nankin, Wang Anyi is one of the most famous writer in China. Wang Ts'iyao, which means "Pure Jade", is a beauty queen in a blazing Shanghaï, enjoying its last years of freedom. Once the night of the cultural revolution has fallen on the previously shining city, she has to hide and her way of life dramatically changes.
Published 2006-02-16

Love Trilogy - Love in a small town by WANG Anyi
Love Trilogy - Love in a small town
152 pages / 14,50 € / ISBN : 87730-959-2

In her "Love Trilogy" published in 1986-1987, Wang Anyi explored female sexuality and marriage.
Xiaocheng zhi lian Love in a small town draws the portrait of an unmarried woman, who is physically and emotionally stronger than her lover, and who ends up as a confident single mother.
Published 2007-08-23

Love Trilogy - Love on a barren mountain by WANG Anyi
Love Trilogy - Love on a barren mountain
228 pages / 17,50 € / ISBN : 2-8097-0012-1

This is the first part of the Love Trilogy.
Huangshan zhi lian Love on a barren mountain ends on a suicide pact between adulterous lovers.
Published 2008-05-19

Love Trilogy - Love in a brocade valley by WANG Anyi
Love Trilogy - Love in a brocade valley
152 pages / 14,50 € / ISBN : 2-8097-0061-9

Jinxiugu zhi lian Amour dans une vallée enchantée starts with the words I want to tell a story, a story about a woman.. Using a modernist technique, the narrator intervenes occassionally in the story in which a young woman gains a new sense of identity through a fleeting extramarital affair.
Published 2008-10-17

English by WANG Gang
464 pages / 22,00 € / ISBN : 978-2-87730-9

Surrounded by mountains and Turkish speaking, Urumqi, capital of Xinjiang province, is one of China most isolated cities. but in spite of the physical and cultural barrieres, even there the Chinese cultural revolution spreads its wings. During that period, where obscurantism is a rule, exceptionnal people still exist.
Published 2008-02-20

To serve the people by YAN Lianke
YAN Lianke
To serve the people
196 pages / 15,00 € / ISBN : 87730-827-8

Yan Lianke

Original title : Wei renmin fuwu

186 pages ; rights sold English; Italian
EUROPE/rights handled by Laura Susijn Agency

When Yan Lianke is quoting one of the most famous slogan from Mao’s cultural revolutionary speeches, he sweeps away the most sacred taboos of the Chinese revolutionary army, sexuality and social rules.
Published 2006-01-19

Le Rêve du Village des Ding by YAN Lianke
YAN Lianke
Le Rêve du Village des Ding
332 pages / 20,00 € / ISBN : 87730-916-5

Le Rêve du Village des Ding est un roman bouleversant. Bouleversant par la tragédie qu'il raconte, bouleversant parce qu'il n'est que la fiction d'une réalité plus terrible encore.
C'est l'histoire de centaines de milliers de paysans du Henan contaminés par le sida que l'auteur évoque dans ce roman d'une émotion poignante, traversé de rêves et de prémonitions.
Published 2007-01-18

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