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Asia is wide enough to be our only concern
This is the major precept of the edition Philippe Picquier.

Created in 1986, les Editions Philippe Picquier are celebrating their 20th anniversary with more than 800 titles on a catalogue that includes Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Vietnamese literature. Philippe Picquier is a generalist publisher of Asia : his editing field covers classical and modern literature, essays, detective stories, artbooks, childrenÕs books, comics and manga. Gradually, the geographic editorial field has been widened with publications from India and Pakistan.

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My first book of Chinese by Lisa BRESNER
My first book of Chinese
96 pages / 15,50 € / ISBN : 87730-696-8

Learning Chinese is a child’s play.
Juliette about to go to China wished to learn more about Chinese. The concept of the book is to answer that child’s questions. How does an ideogram work ? Does it look like an object ? Is it a combination of different keys.
Published 2004-09-27

My first lessons in Chinese by Lisa BRESNER
My first lessons in Chinese
96 pages / 16,50 € / ISBN : 87730-926-4

Here is a fun and practical method to learn the basics of the Chinese language: discover a hundred characters, learn how to write and pronounce them thanks to the Audio CD that comes with the book.
This book is a logical sequel to “My first book of Chinese” to discover the sounds of the language, communicate and ask questions.
Published 2007-02-15

La Carambole d'or by Yveline FÉRAY
Yveline FÉRAY
La Carambole d'or
40 pages / 13,50 € / ISBN : 2-8097-0051-0

Voici un conte adapté pour les enfants par Yveline Féray de ses « Contes d’une grand-mère vietnamienne », autour de la carambole, ce fruit tropical doré dont les quartiers dessinent des étoiles quand on les coupe, et d’un oiseau magique qui récompense ceux qui préfèrent les trésors du cœur aux mirages de la fortune.
Published 2008-10-17

The Man who was crazy about flowers by Yveline FÉRAY
Yveline FÉRAY
The Man who was crazy about flowers
44 pages / 14,00 € / ISBN : 87730-796-4

Under the Song’s dynasty reign, in a little Chinese village was living an elderly gardener named Qiu Xian.
He had a marvellous garden that he cherished more than everything in the world. He devoted his entire life to flowers and could grow any kind of flowers even from the rarest kind.
Published 2005-10-01

J'apprends la calligraphie chinoise by HE Zhihong
HE Zhihong & Guillaume Olive
J'apprends la calligraphie chinoise
96 pages / 18,50 € / ISBN : 2-87730-893-6

Un livre et un cédérom pour faire ses premiers pas dans la calligraphie chinoise : l’ordre des traits, la composition des caractères, le maniement du pinceau, de l’encre et du papier, ces outils qui forment, avec la pierre à encre, les « quatre trésors » du calligraphe en herbe.
Published 2006-11-03

Le Cerf-volant dans l'arbre by HE Zhihong
HE Zhihong & Guillaume Olive
Le Cerf-volant dans l'arbre
32 pages / 13,50 € / ISBN : 2-87730-892-8

Niveau de lecture : A partir de 4 ans

Toutes les nuits, Feng monte sur le toit de son immeuble, porte une feuille d’arbre à ses lèvres et se met à siffler comme il le faisait dans la forêt. Car la nature lui manque, et il se sent bien seul dans cette grande ville chinoise où ses parents sont venus travailler.
Published 2006-10-19

Hatchiko, a dog in Tokyo by Claude HELFT
Claude HELFT
Hatchiko, a dog in Tokyo
32 pages / 12,00 € / ISBN : 87730-809-X

Everyone in Tokyo knows the statue of Hatchiko, which is a very famous meeting spot in front of Shibuya station. This is the true story of this famous dog !
In 1920, everyday at Shibuya station, Hatchiko awaits for its master. When he gets off the train, the party’s on ! But one day its master don’t come back from work.
Published 2005-10-01

My first book of Chinese painting by YANG  Fu Jing
YANG Fu Jing
My first book of Chinese painting
96 pages / 13,00 € / ISBN : 87730-811-1

Animals and Children, flowers and birds
The first book in the series “My first book of Chinese painting”was published in October 2005 and has known an unflagging success since then.
The first book is about Animals, the second one demonstrates how to apply the ancient art of Chinese painting to depict Children, flowers and birds.
Published 2005-10-01

Toufou by YANG Hongying
YANG Hongying
104 pages / 6,90 € / ISBN : 2-87730-860-X

A playful father + Toufou at school

Toufou is a young Chinese boy full of energy, always cooking up new ways to make life so much livelier and interesting…..
We tag along with this cheeky boy in his daily adventures in present day China.
Published 2006-05-24

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