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Asia is wide enough to be our only concern
This is the major precept of the edition Philippe Picquier.

Created in 1986, les Editions Philippe Picquier are celebrating their 20th anniversary with more than 800 titles on a catalogue that includes Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Vietnamese literature. Philippe Picquier is a generalist publisher of Asia : his editing field covers classical and modern literature, essays, detective stories, artbooks, childrenÕs books, comics and manga. Gradually, the geographic editorial field has been widened with publications from India and Pakistan.

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L'Aile d'airain by TRAN-NHUT
L'Aile d'airain
368 pages / 9,50 € / ISBN : 9782877309202

Sur cette terre du sud du Vietnam où génies et fantômes se côtoient, des défunts réclament vengeance tandis que, dans la moiteur de la jungle, une démone à la beauté dévastatrice guette les hommes pour leur faire subir des outrages que la morale réprouve.
Published 2007-01-18

How the dragon came to be by Marie SELLIER
How the dragon came to be
38 pages / 9,50 € / ISBN : 2.8097.0378.8

A long time ago in China, men had animals as their mascot and they placed themselves under their protection: A fish for the fishermen, a bird for the people of the mountains, a horse for the people of the plains, a snake for the people of the high lands, a buffalo for the farmers.
Published 2012-10-31

Curious Akiko by Antoine GUILLOPPÉ
Curious Akiko
24 pages / 9,00 € / ISBN : 87730-745-X

The sun is rising on the Fuji Mount.
One morning, Akiko a little Japanese girl, find some strange footprints on her window… Curious and eager for adventure she decides to follow them. She gets herself in trouble several times but strangely, she is always helped by natural elements : a tree, ice, birds.
Published 2004-10-01

Akiko the day dreamer by Antoine GUILLOPPÉ
Akiko the day dreamer
24 pages / 9,50 € / ISBN : 2-87730-867-7

After Aikiko the curious one, here is Aikiko the day dreamer. The young Japanese girl had such a vivid dream that she longs to see it come to life. One day, by a lake she meets her grand mother who came to say her last goodbye. That’s when a whirlwind of leaves swirls around her.
Published 2006-09-11

Akiko l'amoureuse by Antoine GUILLOPPÉ
Akiko l'amoureuse
32 pages / 9,50 € / ISBN : 2-8097-0052-7

Akiko n’a pas peur du noir et elle aime bien se promener la nuit au bord du lac. C’est là qu’elle rencontre Takiji qui, lui, a peur du soleil ! Le petit garçon est persuadé que la sorcière lui a jeté un sort et que les rayons du soleil le transformeraient en pierre.
Published 2008-09-19

Le Rat m'a dit by Marie SELLIER
Le Rat m'a dit
40 pages / 14,50 € / ISBN : 2-87730-994-3

Un jour, à l’aube du monde, le Grand Empereur du Ciel invita tous les animaux de la création à lui rendre visite sur la montagne de Jade. Douze animaux répondirent à son invitation, et ils devinrent les douze signes du zodiaque chinois.
Published 2008-01-17

How Ganesh came about by Marie SELLIER
How Ganesh came about
32 pages / 13,50 € / ISBN : 87730-935-6

Ganesh has not always had an elephant’s head.
The sun is rising that day on Mount Kailasha, the Hindu gods’ sacred mountain, young goddess Parvâti is lying next to Shiva, her beloved husband. Birds are singing but Parvâti lets out a sigh of sadness; she yearns for a child but Shiva doesn’t….
Published 2007-03-22

My Chinese Picture Book by Catherine LOUIS
Catherine LOUIS
My Chinese Picture Book
208 pages / 17,00 € / ISBN : 87730-733-6

A hundred images illustrating the evolution of Chine characters. From images to sign, through ancient symbols. From five years old, children will discover the Chinese calligraphy.
Published 2004-10-01

Liu and the bird by Catherine LOUIS
Catherine LOUIS
Liu and the bird
32 pages / 13,50 € / ISBN : 87730-679-8

In her dreams, Liu hears her grand-father calling her. She decides to go and visit him, on the other side of the mountain. On her way, she meets peoples, animals, objects which will help her to find her way to her grand father. Each encounter is symbolised by a Chinese ancient and modern character to help the young reader associate drawings and Chinese calligraphy.
Published 2003-10-28

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